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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Introduction... Again

So you’ve already read one introduction, now why the hell would you read one more? I’ll tell you why. Because the level of awesomeness is about to increase.

My name is Will, and I am the co-founder of this here website. That’s right, between the constant madness that Dmytry has promised to spill you daily, you will have a shining ray of light. ME!

Now in all honesty, I am both honored and happy to be writing this post right now. To be here as co-founder and senior editor is a great opportunity for me to share what I have learned about the craft, and to learn along the way.

Alongside my colleague Dmytry, I will spill reviews, opinions, tips on writing, and much more. You have my personal promise to make this site as great as possible. Maybe even a bit greater than that… just a bit.

Write you later,

Will Rock

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