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Saturday, August 7, 2010


 Ahh, Christopher Nolan. I've seen what kind  of movies this guy can make. The Dark Knight, The Prestige...I mean what else could you want from the guy, his movies are practically heaven on screen. Everyone I know likes them.

But when Christopher postponed making Batman 3 in order to make a movie based on his own ideas, called Inception, everyone I knew began to doubt.

Could Christopher make another good film? Why yes. Could he make something to live up to The Dark Knight? Ahh well...that's where the doubts came in.

The trailer revealed the movie to be about...a thief of sorts called Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) who has the ability to enter peoples dreams and extract information from them. His usual scheming life is disrupted when he is given an assignment to perform Inception: a much more dangerous procedure than extraction, which attempts to implant an idea into a persons mind while they sleep.

The idea is creative...or at least I thought so before going online. Apparently entering peoples dreams is a very old concept in science fiction. So I decided that if Inception was to quell any doubts, it would have to be executed perfectly, relying on the effective use of old ideas. But those doubts...they lingered.  

Before watching Inception, I tried to cast all of them out and prepare myself for a spectacle.

And what a spectacle it was!

The visuals, the cast, the script, everything worked perfectly. Inception...ah...Inception. It grips you, threatens to pull you into the dream worlds it has created. That's how good it is!

Really, I mean it. Here's why...

The cast all do a great job of fleshing out characters that are a little one dimensional, even cookie cutter do the lack of lines they have, which shows all of their skills at portraying something deeper than words. Portraying emotion. And emotion is what carries this film.

Though you are unlikely to establish a connection with anyone but the main protagonist, Cobb, there is no reason you won't be invested in the film. Because it really is Cobb's story, and Leo's acting does justice to a character as complicated as the dreams themselves. Lately, he has proven to be a master of portraying subtlety and providing emotional impact. This film might be his best yet,and might even gain him an Oscar. Just like it might for Christopher who managed to bring complex, dramatic scenes into a film that doesn't look that bad either.  

Because the visuals are top quality. Nothing new or revolutionary but pleasing to look at all the same. And though impossible things happen such as buildings bending on top of each other, not once does the movie begin to feel unrealistic. This is because the film makes its own rules and does a great job of following them through out a multitude of dreams, which redefine reality and provide a unique experience as far as movies go. This success is also matched by the script.

The story is tight, paced very well, (as long as your interested in learning about dreams,) and provides a lot of action as well as emotional content. This is due to there being multiple plot lines within the film--all of which come together neatly at the end. And then explode in an action packed and thoughtful conclusion.

Yes, thoughtful. Though some have argued that Inception makes you think hard in order to understand it, it really doesn't. The movie is straight forward and simple. (As long as you listen.) The thinking, that results from this film, results from its concept. People have the ability to enter dreams. How does this effect the people? How does it change perceptions of reality?

These questions are truly what make Inception worth watching. Because once you're done looking at all the effects and listening to all the witty remarks, what's truly left after a movie? In most cases nothing. In Inception you're left with the groundwork that will lead  you to countless discussions with your friends. And will leave you clenching your brain until you have the chance to see it again.

So did Christopher Nolan waist his time making this film instead of Batman 3? Absolutely not. Inception is a brilliant film--one that people are calling a master piece, and though it does not deliver all of what one could expect from batman, it still delivers the most important thing: quality.

But, did it quell the doubts, was it better than The Dark Knight?
It quelled the doubts when it is brilliant ending drew clapping form the audience. The film deserved it, but....

Was it better?

It is impossible to say. For these are two very different movies, both good for very different reasons. The Dark Knight has better characters. Inception has a better plot. Everyone has to decide for themselves, which one appeals to them more. And of course deciding requires watching first.

Watch Inception. You won't be disappointed.

And if you still can't decide if it's better than The Dark Knight or not, I think we could agree that both of these films deserve to stand side by side as symbols of what all movies should strive to be:


If you feel like reading up on some facts about Inception, or looking at less superior reviews of the film, try IMDB, everyone's favourite movie site. Until now.


  1. i also really liked the movie))) though it was kinda hard to understand))) many ppl didnt get it at all)))

  2. Those people should visit this blog more often. They might learn something.

  3. Inception was amazing! It's currently my favourite movie. And you're right that it's not that difficult to follow. You really just have to pay attention. It's not the sort of film you can sit back and let your mind rest, it really makes you think.

  4. Well for some people (like me), the need to pay attention is what makes it hard to follow. But yes, this is definately one of the greates movies by far