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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Russian spies, American agents, guns, chase scenes, Angelina Jolie, what else does an action buff need?

Nothing really. Salt is like a steroid filled drink enough to satisfy anyone thirsty for action.

But what if you're the kind of sophisticated person that likes to watch movies for things other than pretty pictures? What if you're the kind of person that prefers a tight knit story above an eye popping explosion?

Well in that case Salt may not be for you.

Now, the film does have a fairly tight story, one with plenty of twists, and stands out amongst most spy films because of this. But if you've watched as much movies as I have, you'll see these twists coming at you like a two ton truck from miles away--which translates to about an hour of the movie.

 And if you know how the movie will end, what's the point of watching it?

Of course, to be fair not everyone will see all of the twists coming. And there's also those people who don't look for twists. So, if you're one of those two...then you will enjoy Salt. Now why would you enjoy it?

Simple: The action is great. The acting powerful.

Angelina Jolie, who plays Salt: an American agent who becomes suspected of being a Russian spy, does a great job of keeping her character mysterious but also showing enough emotion to create a connection with the audience. Oh, and she is also badass.

The movie looks great, not relying on special effects, (of which there are none,) to keep the audience interested, and has an appropriate, gritty atmosphere, which results in death, violence...all those good things. Ironically, most of the interest is drawn by Salt performing death defying feats.

Oh, and apparently Angelina Jolie did most of her own stunts (meaning death defying feats,). That just adds to her badass level and increases the level of all those standing within a close radius of her. Of course, such natural talent needs leadership.   

Credit must  be given to the director, Phillip Noyce, who brought out strong performances from the entire cast...and managed to fill the movie with ass kicking as well. An impressive achievement.

So is Salt a good movie? If you like action: yes. In fact, in that case you should probably be watching it right now. If you want to see a new and unique take on spy films: yes. Go watch it instead of your usual James Bond flick. If you want something deep with a good story and complex

Salt is eye candy--particularly good eye candy. The more you like shiny explosions, the better it looks. But that's really all it is. It's not a bad film, but it's not a good film either.

So should you watch it?

Well I'll leave that up to you. But before you decide, ask yourself this, "Am I someone who prefers to keep the tasks of watching and thinking separate, or am I someone who seeks thought provoking films?" Once you answer that, you'll have your decision.

Oh, and if you do watch the film, no matter what you think of it you have to agree that Angelina Jolie is BADASS!


  1. in some parts it actually kinda hard to figure out on who's side she was ... russians or america )))

  2. Very true. Like I said, the mystery was good. But I don't consider finding out what side she was on being a twist. We knew she could have been either or almost from the start.