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Friday, August 27, 2010

David Farland's Writers' Groups

Want to be in a writing group? It's a supportive community of writers who provide each other with both critiques and inspiration. Something that every writer, at any level, needs.

David Farland's Writers' Groups is a site inspired by the great David Farland himself--A wizard of story telling whose magic has conjured up a great many books over the years.  If you've read fantasy and don't know about his The Runelords series, then its time for you to get educated.

And while you're busy studying, think about joining a writing group online. If you're a writer, it will give you a place to learn about your craft and receive personalized feedback--all for free. (At least in the site that I'm directing you to.)

So if you're looking to join a writing group, or maybe even to start your own, think about online groups-- think real hard. Think about joining David Farland's Writers' Groups. 

And while your brain is bursting from its thought process, you might want to know that I'm part of a group on the site myself. So is Will. So is David Farland's younger brother. If you need more proof of its awesomeness, check it out at:

Write you later. Maybe even on the writing group forum.

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